6. exhilarating-dreams:

    Hank Helgeson, 

    Exactly a year ago today my best friend came into this world. He was just a small fluff ball, full of golden hair. but he would grow to be the 75 pounds of gorgeous golden retriever he is too quickly. i miss the puppy days, the endless all nighters comforting him as he cried for his mother. i quickly became that second mother. and he loved me. but not more than i loved him. and still does to this day. (: he is that unconditional best friend. one who doesn’t need anything except a walk and some food and a pat on the head every once and awhile. he is the best listener, the best snuggle buddy, the best “watchdog” and “fierce protector”. but if someone actually got to me, he would tear them apart. with licks and kisses and maybe a few growls. i love you so much henry. you are truly my pride and joy, the light of my life. that crazy, creepy dog smile is what i look forward to coming home every day, and always will. thanks for loving and being there for me. you were the best birthday present ever, and i love you. extra beggin strips today for my honey. ♥


    Emily <3